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COVID19 SAFETY PLAN REV 2- Macquarie Dragons

Please see attached the latest COVID19 Safety plan created by the club. The main callouts are below and we would encourage you to have a read of the plan to understand the precautions the club is taking to look after the health of our players and the community.

  • Limiting the number of spectators (only one parent/caregiver per player, siblings should not attend unless they have no other option; ie, primary caregiver has to attend the game/training, spectators at senior games should be minimised)

  • Anyone that

has been in hotspot areas or in Victoria in the last 14 days should not attend

  • No sharing of fruit etc.

  • Arriving at the ground fully dressed, and leaving immediately after the games

Importantly, these are guidelines and we rely on people doing the right thing and collaborating with us. Thank you for your support!

For details, please refer to the document below:

COVID19 SAFETY PLAN REV 2- Macquarie Dra
Download • 245KB


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