Welcome to the Macquarie Dragons!

2019 was another busy and productive year for the Macquarie Dragons Football Club. A year full of exciting challenges for a new executive committee! I would like to thank everyone on the committee for their hard work and persistence throughout the year which meant that we have made progress in all aspects of the club and have seen some great retention of players, new teams and players, and success for a lot of our teams on a competitive level. The club is growing and 2020 will focus on maintaining growth and merging all teams into the new NWSF association. The committee will work on updating documentation, club constitution and website during the off season to reflect the change in association.  


I would also like to thank all previous committee members for their efforts and help during the year, Key goals for next year will be to grow participation and to focus on educating coaches, managers and players on the RESPECT program to improve our judiciary record. 


We have had some great success in the past and present securing grants for various projects surrounding the club thanks to the amazing efforts by our volunteer committee members. Not only did we complete the new roof at Waterloo Park 2019 but we also successfully lobbied for the installation of new fantastic lights at Marsfield Park and a new defibrillator at Marsfield Park. This raised the profile of the club significantly.   


Thank you to all as volunteers within our club that continue to contribute to making the Macquarie Dragons Football Club a strong and cohesive club with the object of fostering and developing football in our region for many years to come. Finally, we are still looking to fill a few positions on the committee, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you can help out with the new season. 


Bring on 2020 season! 


Lars Herngren

Club President 2020

Macquarie Dragons FC

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