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Macquarie Dragons Football Club Philosophy


  • To provide a framework in assisting coaches in the development of players

  • Create alignment with FFA, NWSF and MDFC Premier League

  • Provide players with the best opportunity to reach their potential

  • Ensure players love playing and training

  • Develop a solid platform for youth development

Pro-active Football

  • Dominate and control the game through effective possession 

  • Get the ball and our players into goalscoring positions in a structured manner 

  • Break down compact defences through individual skill and combination play 

  • Strive to possess the ball (the more we have the ball, the less we have to defend) 

  • Win the ball back through quick transition and intelligent collective pressing 


  • Quality positioning play

  • High technical level (all players must be comfortable on the ball)

  • Special players

  • Willingness and ability of all players to immediately transition from BP>BPO and BPO>BP for high-intensity football
    High level of football-specific fitness (the essence of the Football Conditioning methodology) 


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