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Since our incorporation in 1983, Macquarie Dragons Football Club has undergone significant growth and development. Our membership has expanded year on year.  In 2023 we had 590 players cross the Men’s and Women’s competitions.

The club's constitution was updated in 2021.


Please click here to view the current club constitution.


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held at the end of each season in October. They are held upon completion of the audit of the Club’s year end accounts. All member of the Club are invited and welcomed to attend.


Macquarie Dragons is only as successful as its committee. Being a member of the Committee is a rewarding and challenging experience. It is important that the roles are clear and followed through to ensure the viability of the Club in the future. The Club is always looking for members or parents to join the Committee and assist with running the Club. The role and responsibility of the committee is to: - Co‐ordinate the planning of activities in a manner which ensures the aims and objectives of the club are fulfilled. - Carry out the recommendations of members as expressed at the annual general meeting. - Provide members with detailed information regarding the running of the club. - Monitor the performance of the club officials (according to their job descriptions), to see they are carrying out their functions. - Ensure that all committee members are well‐versed in past activities and the reasons for previous decisions, making sure any deviations from these are fully considered. - Negotiate training opportunities for Administrators and Coaches, provide detailed written and oral records and job descriptions to a newly elected committee so they can settle into their duties quickly. Planning and budgeting for the future. Ensure that all members of the committee are role models in the area of leadership. Ensure members abide by the Code of Conduct and ensure the club’s sustainable future through adopting a risk management approach that considers the health of the club and its members as a priority.

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