Macquarie Dragons CLUB Strip 

Macquarie Dragons ALTERNATE Strip

This refers to the alternate or ‘away’ strip that teams wear when both sides have jerseys similar in appearance (strip clashes).

Strip Clashes

Strip clashes are listed on the GHFA and NWSWF websites.

For GHFA teams in 2018 the club clashes with

Putney Rangers

Redfield College  


Macquarie University

The full list of  strip clashes will be posted on the club website once the draws for both competitions have been published (see below). Minis do not need to change.
Please note: if in the opinion of the match official there is a strip clash, the ‘away team’ listed on the draw will need to change.

Whilst our club has not had this experience in the past, should this occur please contact the Gear Steward.

If he cannot be contacted please contact Senior ConvenorAll Age Convenor, or Women’s Convenor.

Accessing the Alternate Strip

Contact the gear steward when you know you require it.
All alternate kits will be stored at the Waterloo left-side changeroom. There will be a clipboard with a name sheet there too.

  • kits must be picked up on a Thursday night between 7 and 9pm OR Saturday morning between 8 and 11am ONLY

  • ​kits must be dropped off on either Tues or Wed nights between 7 and 9pm.

  • kits MUST be dropped off WASHED & CLEANED & in the same order when you picked up the kit. NO JERSEYS ARE TO BE MISSING.

  • make sure you mark your name & team on & off when picking up & dropping off your alternate kit.

  • YOU are responsible for your kit when removed from storage

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