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President's Message

Welcome to a new season of football.

Let’s hope & pray Season 2021 will be a happier football season and less stressful for us all.

Firstly, I would personally like to thank Lars for leading the members during one of the hardest seasons we have ever experienced. We hope to never have to go through a time as tough as the Covid season ever again.

I’d like to thank all the outgoing Committee for their hard work and dedication to the Dragons over the past few years. Welcome to the 2021 Committee members. Thankyou for having trust in me and staying on. To the new Committee joining us for the first time - a massive loving welcome to our football family.

Onwards & Upwards.

The greatest game on earth has pulled my heart strings in a way that I cannot keep away and I’m so excited for the new season and what lies ahead.

It will be a massive year. Full of exciting, fun and competitive football to be played and watched. I will make it my mission to be at all of your games at least once during the season to support you, your players and your parents.

Let’s all support and respect each other. Let’s all come together as a football community. Don’t forget to support and respect the volunteers, the referees, coaches & managers of your teams and of course the opposition group as a whole.

Praise your kids, remind them it’s only a game. Encourage them to implement their new skills on the pitch but most importantly to have fun with their friends. Some of a child’s greatest memories are made playing a sport they love and enjoy.

We’re all here for one thing. We LOVE FOOTBALL. Let’s have fun bringing our football families together, bringing the community together and making our club the most respected, family friendly club in the Association.

We have been lucky enough to secure numerous new sponsors that will help our club grow and in turn we as a community will help them grow their businesses through club exposure.

I urge all Dragons members to please remember to support our sponsors as they are generously supporting you and your children in having a successful football season.

Stay tuned for a massive Sponsors Day at Waterloo during the season.

I am looking forward to seeing you all around the grounds. Please introduce yourself, as I will with all of you. If you would like to contact me for any reason (even just to catch up, I love a coffee) do not hesitate to give me a call.

Love your football.

Many thanks

Kathy Tracey


Macquarie Dragons


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